FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2015

Seeking out the finest professional photography in Europe

Winners & Finalists : Wedding

Andrey Balabasov (Germany)

FEP Wedding Golden Camera 2015

Carlos Felipe Ortiz (Spain)

FEP Wedding Silver Camera 2015

Jose Luis Guardia Peinado ()

FEP Wedding Bronze Camera 2015

Angelo Belvedere (Italy)


Pino Coduti (Italy)


Juan Carlos Guardia Vazquez (Spain)


Claudia Cala (Italy)


Filipe Santos (Portugal)


Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez (Spain)


Nicos Avraamides (Cyprus)


Awards For Single Images : Wedding

Dayle Clavin

Excellence Award

Claudio Tadiotto

Distinction Award

Carlos Felipe Ortiz

Distinction Award Distinction Award Merit Award

Claudia Cala

Distinction Award

Eloy Muñoz Reyes

Distinction Award

Pino Coduti

Distinction Award Merit Award

Eric Berger

Distinction Award

Jose Luis Guardia Peinado

Distinction Award Distinction Award

Miguel Dias Ferreira

Merit Award

Angelo Belvedere

Merit Award Merit Award

Nicos Avraamides

Merit Award

Pavol Delej

Merit Award

Andrey Balabasov

Merit Award Excellence Award Excellence Award