FEP Activites 2010

So far this year:

  • Communication: the FEP communication cell met in Rome, February 20th - 21st; the new web site is ongoing, with new interactive areas, more news, more links and more information. Jorgen Brandt (Denmark) appointed as FEP press officer.
  • Professional Qualifications: March 9th - 10th; a new set of rules was approved by the qualification cell. The meeting was chaired by Jim Lowe, Chairman of the QEP judging panel. The updated rules are published in the QEP and MQEP pages.
  • Education: At University College Falmouth (Cornwall, UK) we had the chance to meet with the Director of the college, Mr. Paul Inman. As a result of this meeting, we may progress the possibility of having our qualifications officially recognised by the college and offering third level students, young photographers or newcomers to photography, a new FEP award at the end of term. This agreement should be a template for similar agreements with further institutes in other European countries.
  • Events: FEP President Neil Warner represented the FEP at the opening of the Spanish Congress, in La Cullera; FEP Board Members Belen Caballero and Pascal Baetens attended the Portuguese Congress in Lisboa, while FEP CEO Giuseppe Scozzi presented the Italian winners of the FEP competition at the Rome Photoshow 2010.
  • The next FEP congress on progress: organisational issues and the programme for the congress was one of the main topics we discussed during 3 meetings we had in Paris with the GNPP officers in January, February and March. The date (February 6th - 8th, 2011), the venue (Lyon), and the schedule for the congress programme were confirmed.
  • FEP Exhibition: the FEP - EPSON 2009 exhibition was on display at the Epson stand at the Rome Photoshow, March 27th - 29th.

What's next:

  • April 15th: The 2010 FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards competition, supported by EPSON will open. There will be more categories to enter (wedding, portraits, commercial, reportage, landscape & illustrative). There will also be an "international" section of this competition for non European photographers; more chances to win! And the winners will be presented with some new amazing "GOLDEN CAMERA" awards! Closing date July 15th.
  • April 17th: The FEP Congress Cell will meet in Lyon, France. The second FEP European Congress in Lyon becomes a reality .
  • April 18th: The FEP delegates' General Meeting is scheduled to take place in Lyon, France, at 3:00 pm. A wonderful chance to visit the charming town of Lyon and the venue of the next congress.
  • June 19th - 20th: The 21st QEP and M-QEP session will be held in Brussels. Deadline for receipt of registration forms: April 30th, next.
  • September 21st - 27th 2010: FEP at Photokina Nobody in the trade can afford to miss this appointment, but for the FEP and its European Photographers, there are a lot more reasons to be there.

    Thanks to an agreement with our German member association, the CV - CentralVerband Deutscher Berufsfotografen, the FEP will be hosted during Photokina at the stand of the CV. Vielen Dank, Landsleute!

    - On September 21st the FEP and GNPP will hold a press conference in the press centrum to present the congress in Lyon. The full programme and the keynote speakers will be announced.

    - On September 22nd at the Epson stand, the presentation of the winners of the 2010 FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year and Golden Camera Awards will take place.

    - On September 23rd we will celebrate the FEP General Assembly; a chance to meet fellow colleagues and new friends from all around Europe.

    Photokina will also be the occasion for the FEP to launch the 2010 FEP Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award, sponsored by Towergate, which will open on October 1st up to the end of the year.


  • A promotion for our Master QEPs: The FEP will give ongoing Europe wide recognition of this prestigious title. We will start doing this, by offering FREE SPACE on this Web Site, where a special Masters Marketplace, fully devoted to all the M-QEP’s, will soon be set up.
  • An insurance plan to offer professional photographers full professional coverage will be presented by our Sponsor, Towergate, in the next few months. Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands have been chosen as test areas.