EP online session n. 25, official results

We are happy to announce that 19 professional photographers have been awarded with the EP title at the last EP judging session!

Congratulations to: 

Harald Göbl, EP, Austria
Rodion Kovenkin, EP, Belarus
Jeroen De Bosscher, EP, Belgium
Igor van de Poel, EP, Belgium
Sammy Dierickx, EP, Belgium
Stijn Maris, EP, Belgium
Bart Meeus, EP, Belgium
Frank Pittoors, EP, Belgium
Katty Plevoets, EP, Belgium
Balin Balev, EP, Bulgaria
Lilia Yotova, EP, Bulgaria
Egon Saar, EP, Finland
Karina Schuh, EP, Germany
Finn Mooney, EP, Ireland
Dawid Galiński, EP, Poland
Ivan Pakhomov, EP, Russia
Jose Montero Olivares, EP, Spain
Jenny Ivarsson, EP, Sweden
Dmitry Trush, EP, Ukraine
Apply online now for the EP session #26! Deadline for apply: September, 30, 2018.