QEP judging session N. 21 and Master session N. 8 report

The international jury of the 21st QEP judging session on June 19-20, 2010 in Brussels awarded the prestigious QEP title to 22 photographers from 60 entries

Roland Van Rompaey, Belgium, QEP portrait
Michèle Francken, Belgium, QEP fashion
Jirí Stránský, Czech Republic, QEP landscape
Didier Depoorter, France, QEP wedding
Jean-François Guillon, France, QEP illustrative
Patrick Trepagny, France, QEP wedding
Silke Boulais, France, QEP portrait
Pascal Helleu, France, QEP wedding
Pascal Helleu, France, QEP portrait
Christophe Mentières, France, QEP reportage
Peter Cox, Ireland, QEP landscape
Edoardo Agresti, Italy, QEP wedding
Pino Coduti, Italy, QEP wedding
Moria De Zen, Italy, QEP reportage
Riccardo Spatolisano, Italy, QEP wedding
Bjorn Thomasson, UK, QEP portrait
André Boto, Portugal, QEP portrait
Jerónimo Heitor Coelho, Portugal, QEP portrait
José Luís Guardia Vazquéz, Spain, QEP wedding
António Carvalho, Spain, QEP portrait
Toñi Sousa, Spain, QEP portrait
Alberto del Castillo Miro, Spain, QEP wedding

Visit the new QEP's personal web pages: www.europeanphotographers.eu/qep_photographers.asp

The jury also honoured 4 photographers with the Master QEP title

Filip Santens, Belgium
José Luis Guardia Peinado, Spain
Tomás Avis Barrado, Spain
André Boto, Portugal

Entries came from Malta (1), France (13), Italy (16), Belgium (9), Spain (6), Portugal (3), Germany (1), Czech Rep. (2), Austria (4), Ireland (1), UK (2) and Ukraine (1, first time).
35 % of the entries were successful, and 21 on 60 were judged unanimously by all the judges, both ways (5-0 or 0-5).

Jim Lowe, as the Chairman of the jury, stressed that the organisation of the judging went well. He added that he was very pleased about the work of the judges, that no one panel who should be passed, it did not and vice versa, that the new procedures were effective and speed the judging, and that the standard especially of the Master QEP submissions was extremely high.