FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2011 - FINALISTS

The finalists of one of the world’s most important professional photographers’ competitions have now been declared. You will find the list below.

The category and overall winners will be revealed at a later stage.

The competition is again proudly supported, for the 4th consecutive year, by EPSON, who will print the exhibition of the winning images. The winners of the 6 categories and the 2 special sections will be presented with their FEP European Golden Cameras at a memorable ceremony on November 26th in the prestigious gallery of the Silken Hotel, Brussels.

The winner of the Portrait category will receive the HAHNEMUHLE FEP Portrait Golden Camera.

The overall winner will be presented as our FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2011.

The international jury members were Bert Behnke, past-President PPA, Trevor Yerbury, multiple Fellow, André Boto, MQEP and former overall winner 2010, Tomás Avis Barrado, MQEP, Ashleigh Brickley representing Hahnemühle, RenéBoeije representing Epson and also Gerry O'Leary, MQEP and former Commercial Category WInner 2009, who was so kind to step in at the last minute to replace a judge who could not make it.

"The vast number of impressive images made the judging procedure hard but joyful for all the judges. We are honoured to have such great variety in the competition", says Jorgen Brandt, MQEP, who chaired the jury.

The finalists in alphabetical order for each category are:

René De Brunn    GERMANY   
Vicente Esteban  SPAIN
Stuart  Freeman   UNITED KINGDOM    
Bryn Griffiths   UNITED KINGDOM
Jose Luis Guardia Peinado SPAIN
Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez SPAIN    
Diamantino Jesus  PORTUGAL
Piroska Mihalka  BELGIUM   
Leonid Petrov   RUSSIA    
Xanti Rodriguez  SPAIN  

Germán Arce   SPAIN
René de Brunn   GERMANY
Jose Diogo Freitas   PORTUGAL   
Diamantino Jesus   PORTUGAL
Oriol Jolonch   SPAIN    
Antti Karppinen  FINLAND
Svetlana Petrova  RUSSIA    
Jose Presencia Crespo  SPAIN
Xanti Rodriguez  SPAIN     
Ingrid van Heteren  NETHERLANDS    

Bernd Gassner   GERMANY
Jose Luis Guardia Peinado SPAIN    
Anton Iankovyi   UKRAINE
Filip Kulisev   SLOVAKIA    
Beniamino Pisati  ITALY     
Vladimir Petrov  RUSSIA
Ondrej Prosicky  CZECH REP.
Jiri Stransky   CZECH REP.  
Larrie Tiernan   UNITED KINGDOM  
Jos Verhoogen   BELGIUM 

Andrey  Balabasov  GERMANY
Corin Bishop   IRELAND
Padraic  Deasy   IRELAND
Pierre Delaunay  FRANCE   
Jose Presencia Crespo  SPAIN    
Xanti Rodriguez   SPAIN
Igor Sakharov   RUSSIA
Michael Schnabl  AUSTRIA   
Carl Tighe   IRELAND
Ingrid van Heteren   NETHERLANDS

Yuri Afanasiev   RUSSIA
Edoardo Agresti  ITALY    
Paolo Barbuio   ITALY    
Antonio Gibotta  ITALY
Jerónimo Heitor Coelho PORTUGAL
Philippe Le Jeune  FRANCE  
Beniamino Pisati  ITALY     
Jan Stovka   SLOVAKIA   
Vincenzo Tessarin  ITALY   

Javier Avis Barrado  SPAIN        
Andrey Balabasov  GERMANY
Juan Manuel Camacho Guerra SPAIN
Jose Luis Guardia Peinado SPAIN     
Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez SPAIN    
Mary Guillen   SPAIN  
Maria Jose Mendez Ubeda SPAIN
Jose Presencia Crespo  SPAIN    
Rares Pulbere   SPAIN    
Xanti Rodriguez  SPAIN     

Aaron Citti   AUSTRALIA
Chee Loon Jericho Soh  SINGAPORE   
Tami Reynolds   CANADA
Lucas Ting   MALAYSIA     
Elena Yushchenko  AUSTRALIA   

Julien Briche   FRANCE
Luca Leon Fasching  AUSTRIA   
Marjan Kegels   BELGIUM
Dawid Krysiak   POLAND   
Yuliya Libkina   UNITED KINGDOM
Deirdre O’Keeffe  IRELAND
Antonio Pérez Rojo  SPAIN    
Dom Romney   UNITED KINGDOM   
Jeroen van den Broek  NETHERLANDS