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FEP Secretariat Summer Closure



We kindly inform you that the FEP Secretariat will be closed from August 11th to August 26th.

Regarding the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2012 , don't worry!

You can always enter the competition: entries will be regulary registered, but images will be uploaded online after August 27th.

FEP International Photo Days at Gmunden, Austria

Designed and built by FEP in cooperation with the organization of the Gmunden Photodays, the event will host a program of conferences by renowned European professionals, all creative pathways through which to attest the strength and the impact of the today’s Masters photographers in Europe.

Among them:

Jerónimo H. Coelho, MQEP, Portugal
He will offer us a particular point of view on the photography of architecture, as much as wedding, portrait, fine art.. His passion for the image is so intense and the professional standard of all the specialization is so high that you will be simply captured.

Günther Egger, MQEP, Austria
He has worked as a professional photographer since 1995, focusing on the areas of fashion/beauty, products and fine art. The highest European quality is the icing on the cake!

Filip Santens, MQEP, Belgium
Another eclectic talent based in Belgium: his images range from the social photography to illustration, fine art, landscape, reportage.. Today at the highlight of his professional career.

Martin Vrabko, MQEP, Slovakia
Maybe at the moment  the best  Slovak photographer. Touching and inspiring, both his portraits and commercial fashion works show how to add vital energy to all its creations. And how to turn a passion into a great professional opportunity.

Bella West, QEP Portrait, UK
Specialized in wedding and portrait, and established photography teacher, she will show a special collection of images to be displayed as art pieces from both commissioned works and her personal work over the years.

The program will offer the opportunity to meet some of the best talented, provocative, inspiring, and full of enthusiasm, European photographers and see why professional photography does have a future and how it is evolving.

The FEP International Photo Days will also be the chance to meet professional colleagues coming from all Europe, spending 2 or 3 days in one of the most beautiful and intriguing location in Austria... and appreciating its intimate picturesque ambience, its colors and flavors between new and old friends.

Go to "Upcoming Events" to discover the program and any further details: we are waiting for you in Gmunden!


FEP Facebook Cover Picture of August

August Cover  - Steven Massart - QEP Belgium


Steven Massart, QEP from Belgium, is the winner of the FEP Facebook Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the month of August.


Next round will open on August, 29th.

Thanks to all the photographers who posted their wonderful pictures.

Visit our FEP Facebook page to see them!

French QEP presentation


Eté de Portraits, Bourbon Lancy, July 2012

After the EDP winners' ceremony, all the last French QEP and MQEP have been presented with their certificates.

The FEP  was represented by FEP Board Members Jean-Félix Bernetel and Johan Brouwers and by FEP Treasurer Nikki Huts.

The FEP President Neil Warner unluckly couldn't attend the event, so he gave a message to the organisers stating that "for years the Eté de Portraits has been the premier event within Europe of portrait photography. It embodies all that's good in the profession of photography and it's a wonderful celebration of this profession we all share". 



Facebook Contest - August Edition


Hi guys, post one or more pictures on our Facebook page.

The picture which will receive the highest number of "I like" within August 6th next will be our " FEP cover picture of the month".

Remind that cover images should not be text-based or otherwise violate the copyright of others. 

We look for your creativity!

We suggest to use horizontal pictures, they fit better as a cover... good luck everybody!!!

Facebook: FEP Cover Picture of July

July low

Félicia Sisco,QEP from France, is the winner of the FEP Facebook Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the month of July.

Her beautiful image, received more than 130 "I like".


Next round will open on July, 29th.

Thanks to all the photographers who posted their wonderful pictures.

Visit our FEP Facebook page to see them!

A FEP- BIPP test agreement to launch the EP

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Through an agreement between the FEP and the British Institute of P.P., the new FEP basic Euro-qualification for professional photographers (the so called “EP”) will have a premiere at the British photographers.

In a few words: the FEP recognizes BIPP, which has a long established and sophisticated qualification system, as an awarding body authorized by the FEP to award the EP. This is a recognition to the photographers who have achieved the UK basic national qualification (LBIPP) which may also be awarded with the EP qualification.

This agreement started on July, 1st, and it will run as a test for the new European award, so that by September when others come on board the necessary systems are in place and working.

For further info please contact the FEP (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or the BIPP (Jane Goward This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

FEP Board Meeting Report

Neil Warner - FEP President

All board members were in attendance. We had also as guests David Trust & Dennis Craft from PPA (Professional Photographers of America), who had witnessed how the FEP judging was carried out. President in office Neil Warner, who will be replaced in September by the President Elect Jorgen Brandt, made his last report, outlining the main issues undertaken and thanking all colleagues which cooperate with him in the 5 years of presidency. This was followed by a round of applauses.


FEP will concentrate on trying to look for a large number of smaller sponsors, to be called “FEP friends” and “FEP partners”. FEP has adapted to new technology such as the new website, Facebook etc. to provide constant visibility and new opportunities for sponsors on those media

Jorgen Brandt :  FEP President ElectNew Website

The many changes and updates are including the new photographers listing, new qualification pages and a users’ forum. Considering the analytics, our site traffic has had a sustained explosion over the last few weeks, reaching up to 5,000 visits. The FEP Facebook page is also very successful, at present this is at about 9,000 visitors per week.

New Qualifications and Awards

The Video qualification project will be postponed to 2013. Feta. It will start in January with all digital entries. This new award will bring on board new, young photographers, and similarly will help and support the new generation. QEP Guild. It was agreed to progress on that project, on the base of the presentation showed by Malcolm Sales. The purpose is to encourage more of a community spirit and to promote the qualified European photographers. It was especially liked the idea of an eBook of QEP successful panels of the years.

FEP Competition 2013

The FEP GA in Photokina will discuss the idea of changing the rules of the annual FEP competition, based on a template open to all professional photographers within Europe, to be ongoing throughout the year with judging at intervals before the culminating winners were announced.

New Membership

FEP has contacted, through the so called FEP Ambassadors, some new potential members associations and in particular: Luxembourg, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Switzerland. Other areas of interest will be the Eastern Europe, where a FEP road show will take place next autumn, starting with Romania and Poland, and also the Scandinavia (Norway and Iceland). All the interested associations will be invited to meet FEP at Photokina.


Date and place of the next FEP GA: 22nd Sept 10 am -2pm at Cologne, Germany (inside Photokina). The agenda will include the election of the FEP Board for the term 2013-2014.

FEP international days at Gmunden, Austria

The FEP will cooperate with the Gmunden Photo Days to celebrate there an international speakers’ programme. The dates are Sun-Mon April 14th & 15th 2013. Pricing for an International FEP package including: a welcome drink, a typical Austrian dinner on Sunday 14th with live music, 1 night accommodation, 1 breakfast, a light lunch on Monday, 5 speakers presentations between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning with simultaneous translation in German and English and a group photo will be 199 Euro (price available until the end of October) or 229 Euro after this date. In addition for an extra 99 Euro per day delegates can extend their staying, visit the fair and to attend the Austrian awards presentation on Saturday 13th and on Friday 12th the Student awards. Gmunden has an intimate very picturesque ambience. The FEP will set up the speakers programme and present it at Photokina. A combined Austrian-European working committee will drive the project. Further info will follow soon.

International Contacts

- China: The FEP Photographer of the Year award 2011 Exhibition will be exhibited in the national Lishui Photograpy Museum in November. - A FEP/PPA combined committee will work to realize a global photographic competition, based on national teams. Details will be circulated at a later date, and the member associations will be kept informed of progress. A PPA delegation will meet again with FEP in Photokina, and possibly in January 2013 in Atlanta to attend a PPA international symposium. - IPC New York, UN: It was reminded that MQEP Bernd Gassner had received the leadership award from the IPC. Photokina: It was also confirmed that the organising committee of the FETA will cooperate with the IPC for a combined presentation of an international student’s award in Photokina, who’s winner was Tim Hunt from the UK. The award will be presented on the big stage at Photokina on the Thursday September 20th .

Next QEP Session

The next QEP session might be held in Paris. Jean-Felix Bernetel announced that the French member GNPP were happy to allow the next judging to take place at their establishment in the French capital. Accordingly, it was agreed the CEO to investigate the logistic and economic details, in cooperation with Nikki Huts and then to report to the board, so that a final decision can be made.

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