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Vincent O'Byrne, MQEP, new President of IPPA


Vincent O'Byrne, MQEP

FEP would like to congratulate and to say "wellcome" to his MASTER QEP Vincent O'Byrne, 

who is the new President of the IPPA - Irish Professional Photographers Association.

FEP went to Atlanta, USA: Report of the event

The PPA 2012 Print competition, held in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 2012

                                   JB04304         JB04355

The event was hosted in an impressive Technical College building, hired by the PPA during the summer break and some hundred people are involved. The judging takes place in 6 halls at the same time, plus a room to records the critiques and a control room.
The entrants may send up to 4 images (of the same category), but the competition is for single images, which can be both digital files to be watched on high resolution screens, or physical prints. The competition is open to the PPA members, and the aim is to achieve “merits” from the submitted images.
In the case an image “merits” it is submitted to a second screening, to be possibly inserted in the “loan collection”, the annual book of the best images of the PPA members.
The merit system is the one used by the PPA to qualify the members: while you can get up to 8 merits per years (if you are so good and lucky that all your 4 images passed the double judging) , you need at least 25 merits to become a Master Photographer, 12 from images merits and 13 from different merits, such as publications, giving or attending classes, etc.
The Master distinction is reserved to the actual members, and once achieved it must be kept obtaining additional merits along the years.
The judges are 6 plus a non-voting Chairman to control the vote and to announce the results. In case of a tie, there is a second vote and in case of a second tie the Chairman has to cast.
Each judge may ”challenge” the results (both way, to put the image up or down, and only once per image)and in this case there is a discussion followed by a second vote.
The candidates pay an extra fee if they like to receive an extensive critique for one or more of the submitted images. The “critiques” are get made in a properly equipped room, where the judges may accurately examine the prints (after they have been judged). the signing judge takes notes and after tapes on a video a comment 3 to 5 minutes long to send to the maker. It is also possible for the candidates to watch the judging (though very few spectators are attending)and to schedule anytime an appointment with a judge.


INTERVIEW with the PPA Past President and Chairman of the Photographic Exhibitions Committee (PEC), Mr. Dennis Craft



We are really astonished by the grandeur of your print competition. How many images entered,and how many people are involved in this event?

We had about 5,000 entries, 70% have been submitted digitally, 30% are physical prints. We have 3 categories (social, illustrative including commercial, and open). Plus we have a separate category for mastership in digitalization and an album category. We have about 45 judges, and at least as many helpers including some students, the volunteers and the PPA staff. Finally, we have about 20 candidates registered for the “judging class”.

In general, and specifically for which categories , the members’ entries are increasing or diminishing along the years?
We mainly have social or illustrative images. In-house photography, press reportage etc. do not belong to our association. The number of submissions is stagnant, but the digital submissions grew. Digital files are accepted since 3 years, and this decision made the submissions number go up again.

What PPA expect from the print competition?
Our print competitions are very educational, PPA always attached tangible results and different goals. Certainly the merit system helps growing the standards, all photographers involved want to become better, and we would like to have more members involved and understanding. Mediocrity it’s not accepted by the market.

You spoke about “judging classes”. So far we don’t have this regulated at an European level. What is requested to be accepted as a judge?
Only the Master Photographers may become judges, and they also need additional “merits” in the print competitions to become a judge and at least 1 merit in the last 2 years to keep the position. Then they have to pass the class, during which they need to demonstrate a good judging attitude. During the class we don’t teach the candidate judges what is a good or a bad image. We are teaching the areas we want to be considered, basically the so called “12 elements”. We try to teach how to judge objectively an image, with a detail free mentality, and focusing on technical and artistic standards. We teach to never say “I like” or “I don’t like” , rather “ the print has (or lacks) impact, quality, power, emotion…”

What about differences and similarities between the European and US procedures ?
In our judging we basically judge single pictures, while for the QEP you judge “panels” . However, your QEP has many similarities with our Fellowship program. I know you also have photography competitions, though only digital. So, differences are mainly in procedures, and maybe the standards, but the concept is very similar. We both want the best to be accepted .

Do you think useful to keep constantly in touch in future and to have an interchange relationship between FEP and PPA?
Yes I do. We appreciated a lot your judging session, it has been really inspirational. At the same time we like to have international witnesses at our events. We share the same goals, so we need to better know each other and possibly to set up some programs really global together... So, we look forward to meeting you again in Photokina!

                      JB04312    JB04376

Made by Giuseppe Scozzi

Pictures by Jorgen Brandt

FEP Secretariat Summer Closure



We kindly inform you that the FEP Secretariat will be closed from August 11th to August 26th.

Regarding the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2012 , don't worry!

You can always enter the competition: entries will be regulary registered, but images will be uploaded online after August 27th.

FEP International Photo Days at Gmunden, Austria

Designed and built by FEP in cooperation with the organization of the Gmunden Photodays, the event will host a program of conferences by renowned European professionals, all creative pathways through which to attest the strength and the impact of the today’s Masters photographers in Europe.

Among them:

Jerónimo H. Coelho, MQEP, Portugal
He will offer us a particular point of view on the photography of architecture, as much as wedding, portrait, fine art.. His passion for the image is so intense and the professional standard of all the specialization is so high that you will be simply captured.

Günther Egger, MQEP, Austria
He has worked as a professional photographer since 1995, focusing on the areas of fashion/beauty, products and fine art. The highest European quality is the icing on the cake!

Filip Santens, MQEP, Belgium
Another eclectic talent based in Belgium: his images range from the social photography to illustration, fine art, landscape, reportage.. Today at the highlight of his professional career.

Martin Vrabko, MQEP, Slovakia
Maybe at the moment  the best  Slovak photographer. Touching and inspiring, both his portraits and commercial fashion works show how to add vital energy to all its creations. And how to turn a passion into a great professional opportunity.

Bella West, QEP Portrait, UK
Specialized in wedding and portrait, and established photography teacher, she will show a special collection of images to be displayed as art pieces from both commissioned works and her personal work over the years.

The program will offer the opportunity to meet some of the best talented, provocative, inspiring, and full of enthusiasm, European photographers and see why professional photography does have a future and how it is evolving.

The FEP International Photo Days will also be the chance to meet professional colleagues coming from all Europe, spending 2 or 3 days in one of the most beautiful and intriguing location in Austria... and appreciating its intimate picturesque ambience, its colors and flavors between new and old friends.

Go to "Upcoming Events" to discover the program and any further details: we are waiting for you in Gmunden!


FEP Facebook Cover Picture of August

August Cover  - Steven Massart - QEP Belgium


Steven Massart, QEP from Belgium, is the winner of the FEP Facebook Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the month of August.


Next round will open on August, 29th.

Thanks to all the photographers who posted their wonderful pictures.

Visit our FEP Facebook page to see them!

French QEP presentation


Eté de Portraits, Bourbon Lancy, July 2012

After the EDP winners' ceremony, all the last French QEP and MQEP have been presented with their certificates.

The FEP  was represented by FEP Board Members Jean-Félix Bernetel and Johan Brouwers and by FEP Treasurer Nikki Huts.

The FEP President Neil Warner unluckly couldn't attend the event, so he gave a message to the organisers stating that "for years the Eté de Portraits has been the premier event within Europe of portrait photography. It embodies all that's good in the profession of photography and it's a wonderful celebration of this profession we all share". 



Facebook Contest - August Edition


Hi guys, post one or more pictures on our Facebook page.

The picture which will receive the highest number of "I like" within August 6th next will be our " FEP cover picture of the month".

Remind that cover images should not be text-based or otherwise violate the copyright of others. 

We look for your creativity!

We suggest to use horizontal pictures, they fit better as a cover... good luck everybody!!!

Facebook: FEP Cover Picture of July

July low

Félicia Sisco,QEP from France, is the winner of the FEP Facebook Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the month of July.

Her beautiful image, received more than 130 "I like".


Next round will open on July, 29th.

Thanks to all the photographers who posted their wonderful pictures.

Visit our FEP Facebook page to see them!

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