Eté des Portraits 2010, Bourbon-Lancy, France

"The European Summer of Portraits 2010" in Bourbon-Lancy, Bourgundy, France

From July 18th untill September 26th, 2010

Just close your eyes and imagine: a whole city dedicated to portrait, its stone walls covered by large-size portrait photographs, bathing in the sun, an exhibition long of several kilometres within the medieval quarter of the town, the thermal quarter and in the vicinity of the lake.

Around the St.-Nazaire church (XI th century) you will present about 2000 photographic enlargements, on the unique theme of "Portrait" (wedding portraits excluded).

The aim of this gigantic exhibition is of course to make people and medias speak about portrait, to promote it, but also to give an extensive view of what is done nowadays all over Europe in the field of portrait.

Sponsored by Epson France SA, MMF, mastered by the GNPP (National Groupement of Professional Photographers) and with the precious help of the municipality of Bourbon-Lancy, the event will also be the occasion of a competition between European photographers, richly dotet in professional products and equipments, but moreover, a fantastic occasion to make people meet!

Bourbon-Lancy is situated geographically in the center of Europe. The inauguration and the prize-giving will take place the same day on Sunday, July 18th. All the exhibitors will receive a signed certificate of participation.

Deadline of deposit of files was March 31st, 2010

GNPP / EDP 2010
121, Rue Vieille du Temple
75003 PARIS