The CGI and the FETA Award in Falmouth University, UK
Andy on stage S2RESIZE

WOW!!! That was pretty much the response to the talk and demonstration that Master QEP Photographer, Andy Hens of the Federation of European Photographers gave to a packed audience in Falmouth University, in Cornwall, UK on how Computer Generated Images will impact on the future of photography. So much so, that by the following day at least five of the students had registered for the CGI software he was demonstrating! As well as the students, the University invited regional members of The BIPP to come along and join in, with a view of what is to come! BIPP member, Roy Sims said ,“After an amazing and instructive evening, the here and now is safe, he can create beautiful images but photographers handle the now”!!  It’s going to affect the commercial photographers first but we have to ask ourselves but for how long? 

Andy Dave Jack  Jim with cert S
As well as taking the audience by storm Andy was able to assist FETA Chairman, Dave Matthews and Qualifications Chairman, Jim Lowe in presenting a merit award for the FETA competition.
The aim of the award is to encourage and recognise the high standard of photographic image making taking place in Europe by final year photography students and newly qualified young photographers. The judging was chaired by BIPP South West member Dave Matthews and happened online with three Qualified European Photographers as judges, Johan Brouwers, QEP and EP Chairman, Vincent O’Byrne, MQEP and Adriano Scognamillo, QEP. The anonymity of the candidates is respected at all times. The UK missed out on the major award this year, however a special merit award was made to three students, one of which was Jack Breadmore from Falmouth University. Jack was unable to attend the award ceremony in Grado so David Matthews travelled to the BIPP meeting in Falmouth to make the award which was more than fitting as he instigated the Marine & Natural History Photography BA Honours course at the university before he retired.
Text by Tony Freeman.

Caption: BIPP member David Matthews seen with FEP Master Photographer Andy Hens,(left) making the presentation to Jack Breadmore accompanied by the FEP chairman of judges BIPP member Jim Lowe (right). 

Photography by Cartel Photos, Falmouth.