Belgium Award Winners Show
At the New Year’s Drink of the Belgium National Association of Professional Photographers all the award winning photographers of the year 2016 were honoured on stage. All the awarded pictures were first shown on screen to the public.

EP 2016 CDannyMigalski 2 smal

 The EP certificated photographers were honoured by EP jury chairman Johan Brouwers (left).
QEP 2016 CDannyMigalski smal
Pascale Vandewalle QEP Reportage, Guy Schotte QEP Underwater Photography and Ann Coppens, QEP Wildlife on stage with Caroline Tanghe, vice president and Jos Verhoogen, president of the NVB.
PPotY 2016 CDannyMigalski smal
PPotY 2016 CDannyMigalski 2 smal

 FEP Professional Photographer of the Year 2016 awarded photographers.
WPC 2017 CDannyMigalski smal
 WPC Finalist Ann Coppens (6th from the left) and the World Photographic Cup Team Belgium 2017 

 Pictures © Danny Migalski