Invitation to the 13th Bärenstarke Fototage

The German Photographers Organisation (Centralverband der Deutschen Berufsfotografen) invites you to the "Bärenstarke Fototage", in a new concept!

Date and venue: March 13th - 15th, 2010, Hannover Congress Centre
Foto-Oskar (Photo Award) ceremony at the gala evening in Europe's most modern disco.

You can download an invitation with all the information about the 13th Photo Days on

We are looking forward to meet you.


- Tanja Heller and Vanessa Hermann: erotic photography
- Jan-Rasmus Lippels: emotional weddings
- Mechtild Wilhelmi: food photography
- Andy Hens (Master QEP): professional digital camera and light
- Thomas Nitz: cover photography
- Olaf Mahlstedt: atchitecture, classis and digital
- Simon Cornils: sports photograhy
- Dirk Dehmel: people photography
- Andrey Balabasov (QEP): wedding photography
- Jan Szameit: photographic abstractions
- Enrico Verworner: beauty