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WPC 2015: News from Netherlands

WPC 2015…Netherlands take maximum benefit from entering the competition. 

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The Dutch leading photography magazine Pf (Professional Photography) hosted a publication on the WPC. Under the heading “Netherlands participation in the Olympic Games for Photographers”, all entered photographs are shown in an interview-style article. Willem van der Vlies, FEP Board Member, said that he is very happy with the result, photographers and the association will certainly benefit from this exposure.
Link to the publication (in Dutch language!) HERE 
Photos are clickable and revolve. 




We have just been informed that FEPFI opened to all members of the FEP its national video qualification, and has installed the title of “Distinguished International Videographer by FEPFI", reserved to the FEP international videographer applying to the FEPFI video qualification.

If the work of candidate will be accepted, it will be given one credit. With a number of merits will be granted the title. 

This opportunity may help to set the standard of the future European EV and QEV qualifications, which FEP will launch on 2015. So, despite the very limited time to apply, we forward this information, repeating that FEPFI kindly invite your members TO ENTER ITS QUALIFICATIONS, SUBMITTING some videos. Indeed, DEADLINE IS VERY SHORT: OCTOBER 24th, so in case this idea raises your interest, an immediate reaction is needed. 

REGISTRATIONS must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the name of the author/association/country and the number of works submitted -
FEES: there is a fee of 25€ per submitted work, to be paid by international transfer to: FEPFI , Banco Santander, IBAN ES97 0049 6740 62 2316096291 - Videos: must be sent (within October 24) to: F.E.P.F.I., Avda. Santander, 44. - Vivero de Empresas, despacho 4 - 34003 , Palencia, Spain 
TECHNICAL AND FORMAT: Each work is presented in a DVD , without any mark that can identify with the author. Each DVD must be presented in a standardized black or translucent plastic case, 192 x 138 x 15 millimeters. You can make use of the following formats: SD or HD. For works in SD, a DVD will be sent. For those with HD format, will send out an M2T file (ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details).
NUMBER OF WORKS: Each author may submit up to 8 works well in the same category or divided into several categories. Categories: SOCIAL REPORTAGE (max. 5 min.) - DRAWING AND DOCUMENTARY FEATURE (max. 5 min.) - COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL (max. 5 min.) - FREE CREATION (max. 10 min.)

Panorama of my country 2014

PANORAMANational Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine (NSPAU) invites you to participate in the 5th International Photosalon PANORAMA OF MY COUNTRY 2014. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: AUGUST, 3rd!
This project was initiated by the National Society of Photographers of Ukraine (NSPAU) in 2010.
Each year, in addition to NSPU, the exhibition is also held under the patronage of the International photo movement «Images Without Borders» (ISF - «Image sans Frontière»).

Photographers from all around the world are invited to participate. The theme of the exhibition is open. The exhibition consists of two parts: panoramic photos and photos of the traditional format. Images should  reflect the specifics of each country - national colors, traditions, ethnic characteristics, history, landscapes, people, events, architectural monuments, flora and fauna, etc. The images do not necessarily have to be taken in the country of authors' permanent residency. 
All information HERE
Required materials and entry forms are attached below. 



Previous exhibitions of 2010, 2011 , 2012 and 2013 can be viewed here:
Catalogs of 2010, 2011 , 2012 and 2013 :

Extremaalbum: campaign for Fifa World Cup 2014

We are happy to inform the FEP members about a discount campaign launched by our “FRIEND OF FEP” Extrema Album Photoever on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup 2014:

"Do not miss the World Cup final.
At Extrema album Photoever, we deliver digital albums, canvas prints, akrylic, Wall Art etc. for professional photographers.
After each evening, we create a code (eg MUNDIAL1-2)
The code is valid until 2.00 pm.
The day after enter it in your order and you can get up to 35% discount.
Our site is in English and you signing up in top right corner!
Learn more about the campaign on our site and what a match that is current every day to write correct code.
Good luck! 

Izabela & Magnus
Extrema album Photoever"

Prague Photo, April 7th 2014

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April, 12th-15th, 2014, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

For more information:

visit the official website

or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the APPIMMAGEM secretariat


Afiiche EDP 2014 final


As every year, also this summer in Bourbon-Lancy, France, there will be the European Festival of Portrait Photography, ''L'Eté des portraits", (6th edition) which is open to all professional photographers members of a FEP member association.


From July 12th, to September 15th, 2014, thousands of portrait photographs will be displayed in the streets of the medieval town. The contest will award the best portraits exhibited and their authors.

If you like, you can download below the rules and regulations translated in ENGLISH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, SPANISH, AND PORTUGUESE at the HERE.

For more information visit the official website of the event:
Or send an email to Gérard Cimetière at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photography Masters Conference, Grado, Italy, March 2014

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Photography Masters Conference, Grado, 8 e 9 Marzo 2014.

Dopo il grande successo riscosso lo scorso anno, prenderà il via l’8 marzo 2014 la seconda edizione della Photography Masters Conference, presso l'Hotel Astoria di Grado. L'evento, che durerà due giorni, prevede l’organizzazione di workshop curati da sei fotografi di fama internazionale: Martin Vrabko MQEP, Adrian Sommeling, Gonzaga Manso, Peter Kemp, Ronald Koster e Patrizia Burra. Ogni sessione sarà dedicata ad un tema legato alla tecnica fotografica di ogni relatore, al fine di offrire ai partecipanti una panoramica sui diversi procedimenti fotografici. L'evento è legato anche ad un concorso fotografico, i cui premi - ben sette - sono offerti da aziende leader del settore: Eizo, Nikon, Protostudio360, Adobe, Nik Software ed Arcsoft.
ll programma completo ed i dettagli per la partecipazione sono disponibili sul sito web dell'evento
Ai fotografi associati ad un'associazione nazionale aderente alla FEP sarà riservato uno sconto sul costo di partecipazione.

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