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News from Austria: Alfred Fried Photography Award 2016

Organized by the Photographische Gesellschaft (PHG) and Edition Lammerhuber in partnership with UNESCO, the Austrian Parliament, the Austrian Parliamentary Reporting Association and the International Press Institute (IPI), the 2016 Alfred Fried Photography Award is open for entries.

Extended deadline: 10 June 2016. 
The competition is free of charge.

The annual award ceremony will take place in September at the Austrian Parliament in Vienna to celebrate the five winners. One of them will receive a cash prize of € 10 000 for the PEACE IMAGE OF THE YEAR.
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Bruno Vetters gives the presidentship of Belgian Association NVB to Jos Verhoogen

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On a big event in the FotoMuseum in Antwerp, the Belgian association of professional photographers changed his president.
After nine year of engagement, Bruno Vetters gave his presidentship to Jos Verhoogen, who was vice president of the association. 
The same day the Golden Medal World Cup 2015, the Silver and Bronze Camera’s 2015, all the EP, QEP and Masters from last year where awarded on stage in front of more than 150 colleagues.

From FEP: "Welcome Jos Verhoogen and thanks Bruno Vetters for 9 years of great cooperation!"

The CGI and the FETA Award in Falmouth University, UK

Andy on stage S2RESIZE

WOW!!! That was pretty much the response to the talk and demonstration that Master QEP Photographer, Andy Hens of the Federation of European Photographers gave to a packed audience in Falmouth University, in Cornwall, UK on how Computer Generated Images will impact on the future of photography. So much so, that by the following day at least five of the students had registered for the CGI software he was demonstrating! As well as the students, the University invited regional members of The BIPP to come along and join in, with a view of what is to come! BIPP member, Roy Sims said ,“After an amazing and instructive evening, the here and now is safe, he can create beautiful images but photographers handle the now”!!  It’s going to affect the commercial photographers first but we have to ask ourselves but for how long? 

Andy Dave Jack  Jim with cert S
As well as taking the audience by storm Andy was able to assist FETA Chairman, Dave Matthews and Qualifications Chairman, Jim Lowe in presenting a merit award for the FETA competition.
The aim of the award is to encourage and recognise the high standard of photographic image making taking place in Europe by final year photography students and newly qualified young photographers. The judging was chaired by BIPP South West member Dave Matthews and happened online with three Qualified European Photographers as judges, Johan Brouwers, QEP and EP Chairman, Vincent O’Byrne, MQEP and Adriano Scognamillo, QEP. The anonymity of the candidates is respected at all times. The UK missed out on the major award this year, however a special merit award was made to three students, one of which was Jack Breadmore from Falmouth University. Jack was unable to attend the award ceremony in Grado so David Matthews travelled to the BIPP meeting in Falmouth to make the award which was more than fitting as he instigated the Marine & Natural History Photography BA Honours course at the university before he retired.
Text by Tony Freeman.

Caption: BIPP member David Matthews seen with FEP Master Photographer Andy Hens,(left) making the presentation to Jack Breadmore accompanied by the FEP chairman of judges BIPP member Jim Lowe (right). 

Photography by Cartel Photos, Falmouth.

Photography Masters Conference IV edition

Photography Masters Conference IV edition - Grado, Italy - Dec. 12-13 - Special fee for FEP members!
We are delighted to announce the next edition of the Photography Masters Conference that will be held on December 12th and 13th in Grado (GO) – Italy.
Now at its fourth edition, the Conference will bring together leading professional photographers from 5 European countries who will share their works, insights and know-how and will provide participants with an excellent opportunity to enhance their photography skills.
The program will include:
December, 12th: Saturday, a program of 2 lectures with renowned international speakers: Gonzalo Puertas (Spain) will bring his experience in commercial photography and  Robert Larsen (Germany) will give a speech on  nonassigned project design and management. In the afternoon a half-day workshop with Ian Munro (UK) on “The Art of Storytelling”. A photographic contest is linked to the conference and open only to the participants.
December, 13th: The program Sunday will open with Vicente Esteban (Spain) MQEP and his “Walk with the classics” which will be followed by Italian MQEP Emanuele Carpenzano with a lecture on contemporary wedding photography. 
Then Uli Staiger (Germany) will show his adventures in the magic world of 3D images and finally Sven Germann (Swiss) will disclose his journey “From advertising to Portrait”

Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus 2015-2016

Al via l'edizione 2015-2016 del NWAC, il Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus 

NWAC, acronimo di Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus, è un modo nuovo di informare e confrontarsi sulle tematiche e le opportunità legate alla professione di fotografo di matrimonio. Quattro imperdibili appuntamenti di durata settimanale tra novembre 2015 e marzo 2016 – a Torino, Riccione, Verona e Catania - alla presenza dei più affermati professionisti del settore.
Dopo il successo dello scorso anno, il NWAC, Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus, si rinnova con l'edizione 2015-2016. Supportato dalla Nital di Moncalieri (TO), distributore per l'Italia dei prodotti a marchio Nikon, e da sponsor di prestigio come Epson, Grange, Profoto, Album Epoca, Manfrotto, Associazione Nazionale Fotografi di Matrimonio, ANV, CNA, FEP, Tau Visual, Confartigianato Fotografi, il NWAC nasce con lo scopo di garantire ai fotografi di matrimonio le informazioni e la preparazione tecnica necessarie a svolgere al meglio la loro professione, in un mercato soggetto a rapidi cambiamenti e caratterizzato da una clientela sempre più preparata ed esigente.
Rivolti a chi aspira a diventare o è già un professionista del settore, i quattro appuntamenti in programma – a Torino, Riccione, Verona e Catania - definiranno un percorso formativo fatto non solo di tecnica fotografica e di ripresa, ma in grado di toccare anche i delicati aspetti del marketing, della comunicazione, della gestione aziendale, quindi i meccanismi indispensabili a ottimizzare la propria visibilità su Internet e in particolare sulle più affermate piattaforme sociali.
Il NWAC, Nikon Wedding Advacned Campus, è un collettore di idee che punta al confronto, all'aggiornamento e allo scambio, grazie alla presenza di docenti la cui autorevolezza è riconosciuta in tutta Europa.
Mark Seymour, Andre Boto, Andrei Balabasov, Pascal Baetens, Emanuele Carpenzano, Nadia Di Falco, Nancy Fina, Ivana Porta, Gianluca Catzeddu, Lorenzo Colloreta, Mirko Santangelo, sono alcuni dei master che faranno da guida nei workshop settimanali di:
• Torino (1-8 novembre 2015): Stage Introduttivo alla professione di Fotografo Matrimonialista
• Riccione (22-29 novembre 2015): Stage di perfezionamento – Posa e luce nella fotografia di matrimonio
• Verona (17-24 gennaio 2016): Stage di perfezionamento – Post-produzione per fotografi di matrimonio
• Catania (13-20 marzo 2016): Stage di perfezionamento – La fotografia di nudo e il racconto matrimonialista
Il NWAC in numeri
4 appuntamenti di durata settimanale - 180 ore di corso - 18 master - 24 giorni di full immersion - 60 partecipanti (numero massimo).
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News from Denmark

Kære fotograf,
Du inviteres hermed til årets dff InspirationCAMP i dagene 19. + 20. + 21. september 3 helt forskellige dagskurser, enten ét enkelt eller flere dage – du bestemmer selv.
Vi har samlet 3 af europas bedste instruktører som alle har MASTER QEP (Federation of European Photographers) kvalifikation i professionelt fotografi, de kommer på dff Inspiration CAMP 2015 for at give DIG inspiration og nye muligheder, både forretnings mæssigt og fotografisk.
Location er midt i Danmark, i helt unikke lokaler med charme, sjæl og masser af historie samt rigtigt gode udendørs faciliteter til optagelser.

Mark Sykes FBIPP, QEP

Mark Sykes FBIPP, QEP
Mark in Moscow with Jim Sue and two soldiers
25th April, in history saw the beginning of the Gallipoli campaign, a date many, on whatever side, will find difficult to forget.  Not that his friends and colleagues will need reminding, the date when we said goodbye forever to that stoical, brilliant, witty man, Mark Sykes. 
Those of us who followed his postings on Facebook will never be able to look at a full English breakfast again without fond memories. Mark was the kind of guy I was proud to call a friend, the sort where because of geographical implications you didn't meet very often, but when you did it was as if you had been together in the pub the night before. As a photographer, he was second to none and gave freely of his expertise, an inspiration to us all in oh so many ways! Triumph and disaster were treated with the same sardonic grin and a large glass of some Scottish beverage. We became very strong friends after spending a week together in Moscow as guests of the Russian Photographic Association. I knew him ever since we were judges on the A&Q panel of the BIPP for many years. His talent as a photographer and humour were second to none, and it was a privilege to have known him. I still use anecdotes he gave me on professional practice for commercial photography in my lectures to students on my BA (hons) course in Falmouth University. So he is still passing on his skills to the next generation. 
Mark was an excellent judge for the Federation of European Photographers Qualifications Board in Brussels. Many times these European photographers asked why Mark did not become a regular judge in Europe as he was very good at critiquing images in a positive way, which the audience in Europe found fascinating. They learnt so much from him, as did the Russians, he was such a fantastic advertising photographer who could communicate easily either to a large group or on a one to one basis.
The comment from the French Judge, Jean Charles Castel sums up what I have said, I HAD THE CHANCE OF MEETING MARK : NICE GUY, WONDERFUL WORK !! RIP MARK ! 
Mark obviously made an impression on him. 
Now he has gone, there is a big void in my life. I will miss his talent, his wit, his British (Yorkshire) eccentricity, and his humanity. His battle with the cancer, which took him far too soon is a lesson to us all, a middle finger raised against its stranglehold.

Almanac of Pictures with Soul

Almanac of Pictures with Soul


The word ‘almanac’ has gained a very specific status throughout the cultural history of the Czech lands, Moravia and Silesia, referring to an anthology of ideas associated with important anniversaries. Moreover, it has also marked a selection of texts written in connection of a remarkable transition of a historical threshold. 
Regarding this, however, we do not perceive the Almanac of Works of Members of the Czech Professional Photographers Association, which you are just about to open, as a milestone. We rather see it as an attempt to follow up the once excellent tradition, the age of photography movement dynamic development in our country, as well as an effort to prove that, despite the current difficult situation of the photographer profession, members of the ‘Association’ do not forget, that what brought them to photography was their desire for self-expression, inner longing to perceive and treat photography as a modern visual mean of interpersonal communication. 
Thanks to the rapid development of digital imaging, the art of photography is now in a special, perhaps even ambivalent situation. The ‘smart’ mobile phone cameras are contributing to the swift development of recording of practically everything that happens, while the much easily attainable technical level of pictures makes us think that almost everybody can take an impressive picture as long as they have good hardware and software equipment. If the twentieth century received the ‘picture century’ epithet then the dawn of the twenty-first century may be marked as the dawn of the digitalised picture age. 
Imaging technologies enable us to drive a car that is yet to be manufactured, walk among half-built houses that so far only exist on the blue-prints. We can admire non-existent landscapes in ‘photographs’ as well as wonderful mountains, all of which exist only thanks to the fantasy of the author of the photography and technical options of Photoshop. This phenomenon – on its own remarkably positive – however, leads to the overproduction of picture smog, to loss of feelings for critical evaluation of modern imaging media products, while it supresses the visual literacy, leading thus also to a negative impact on the profession of a photographer.
A whole number of various producers and businesses are now equipped with cameras and other technology, taking pictures for their internet catalogues themselves, and only a few care that such catalogues are far from perfect. Carefully created photography of architecture is disappearing, melting away in virtual video sequences that are acquired at a greater speed and, most of all, with less effort. 
The crown of this outclassing movement are indeed the photo booths placed in all possible state institutions, which have uncompromisingly erased communal portrait photo studios. However, the more these machines resigned to the real essence of a photography, i.e. to ‘drawing with light’, in the name of a better computer processability of the picture, the more has their production moved away from, what we understand under the term portrait, and there is no time or money left for its quality any more. 
Indeed there would be no point in presenting all reasons that has led the Czech Professional Photographers Association to this seemingly anachronistic, perhaps even Quixotic deed, the publishing of the Almanac with selection of the art works of its members. Following sensitive philosophers – who many years ago came to the idea that ‘Quixotism’ has its sense in the modern society, that this ‘swimming against the tide’ can refer to the necessary revolt against the chaos and haste of our time and the loss of sense of human deeds – this collection of pictures strives to point out to the fundamental human need to think about the communicative component of photography imaging, to stop for a while, dwell over the pictures and look for their hidden meanings. 
It was thought at the dawn of the ‘light drawing’ that a photography wold get closer to visual art, or as the case may be, to painting by breaking the mechanical process of the creation of image by manual intervention, however the ‘New Objectivity’, ‘Direct’ and ‘Subjective Photography’ movement, just as the influence of surrealistic tendencies and the strong drift towards ‘Staged photography’ during the 20th century proved that the power of photography as well as the depth of its content expression are based on the ability to use own expressive means of the photographic image, without borrowing the painting and graphic methods, as was noted by Albert Renger-Patzsch in 1925. 
The pictures in this Almanac are striving to be just like this. 
prof. Miroslav Vojtechovsky, QEP
Included Authors:
Vladimir Birgus
Magdalena Blahova
Karel Dosek
Bohumil Eichler
Jaroslav Fiser
Jiri Hanke
Borivoj Horinek
Josef Husak
Frantisek Chrastek
Rudolf Jung
Ales Jungmann
Daniel Kaifer
Jiri Kovanic
Vladimir Kozlik
Maria Kudasova
Zdenek Lhotak
Jan Neubert
Jan Pohribny
Stanislav Pokorny
Rudo Prekop
Roman Sejkot
Petra Skoupilova
Milena Valuskova
Miroslav Vojtechovsky
Jiri Vset

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