FEP Cover Picture of December 2017

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FEP Cover Picture of December 2017

Lasha Cabadze, Georgia


Congratulations to Lasha Cabadze, photographer from Georgia, winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the edition of December 2017.

Look at all submitted images at our official page on facebook and continue to follow us: we will soon open the competition between the winners of the months, to elect the winner of the FEP COVER PICTURE OF THE YEAR!

FEP Board Meeting, Rome, November 2017, Report

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The FEP Board members met in Rome on Monday, November 27, after the QEP/MQEP judging session.  This was the last Board Meeting of our sitting President, Andreas Barylli-Fayer, before the exchange of power to the now President Elect Truls Løtvedt. This will take place in the next General Assembly. The Board decided to have the General Assembly and the FEP Awards ceremony in Dublin, Ireland, on March 25 and 26, 2018.

Other events in 2018 will be the 2 judging sessions; the location of the first one has already been in decided previously, it will take place in Tampere, Finland 9-11 June 2018. The Board now decided the second judging session will be in Tbilisi, Georgia 17-19 November 2018. The FEP also will be present in Photokina 2018. The calendar 2018 will be also available online soon in the “events” section.
The board also discussed the experiences derived from our new online application systems; it was now in use for the first time.The system was found practical and easy to use, but as it was only the first time it was used, it does still require some fine tuning. 

Also the video judging for the EV/QEV videography qualifications has moved online now. The system is now open for applications until 14 January 2018 after which the judging will take place. 

Also open for entries online the EP qualification and the FEP competition “FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2018” (deadline January 7, 2018). 

The FEP staff would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their co-operation and support during 2017 and wish you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2018! 
Picture Adriano Scognamillo

QEP/MQEP judging session November 2017, official results


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QEP and MQEP judging session, November 2017, Official Results

We are happy to announce that at the 36th session of the FEP European Qualifications held in Rome, Italy, on November 25 and 26, 2017, 3 Master QEP and 18 new QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded. 

Congratulations to:

Antonio Barrella, Italy, (2nd) Master QEP
Davide Cerati, Italy, (2nd) Master QEP
William Moureaux, France, Master QEP

Ismael Aguilar Flores, Spain, QEP Wedding
Paula Canetas, Portugal, QEP Portrait
Fernando Cerrone, Italy, QEP Wedding
Zéka Defond, France, QEP Fashion
José Fangueiro, Switzerland, QEP Reportage
Daniel Freeman, UK, QEP Nightscapes
Antti Hallakorpi, Finland, QEP Commercial
Cecilie Hatløy, Norway, QEP Portrait
Marjolijn Lamme, Netherlands, QEP Reportage
Jacky Lecanu, France, QEP Portrait
Alain Martineau,France, QEP Portrait
Tony Nielsen, Denmark, QEP Kids Photography
Nuno Pinto, Portugal, QEP Wedding
Evi Polak, Belgium, QEP Reportage
Plume Roland, France, QEP Portrait
Evelien Sikkema, Netherlands, QEP Portrait
Jan Šmid, Czech Republic, QEP Landscape
Philippe Uglietta, Spain, QEP Portrait

Congratulations to all!

Picture by Adriano Scognamillo, QEP, Italy

FEP Cover Picture of November 2017

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FEP Cover Picture of November 2017

Nino Inadze, Georgia


Congratulations to Nino Inadze, photographer from Georgia, winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the edition of November 2017.

Look at all submitted images at our official page on facebook and continue to follow us: at the end of this month we will open the next and last round of this year!

QEP and MQEP November 2017: deadline postponed

We are happy to inform you that the deadline for registrations for the QEP and MQEP upcoming judging session has been postponed to November 10.

The entry system is still open for n
ew candidates who want to apply and for the ones who already registered and who still have to upload their digital files online.  - ENTER NOW -

We are looking forward to receiving your applications and seeing your pictures in Rome!

How many QEP and MQEP will be awarded? Continue to follow us!

EP online session n.21, official results

We are happy to announce that 9 professional photographers have been awarded with the EP title at the last EP judging session!
Our congratulations go to:
Gernot Ruprechter, EP, Austria
Marcel Lehner, EP, Austria
Karlien Depreitere, EP, Belgium
Timothy Fisher, EP, Belgium
Vincent Chambon, EP, France
Ivan Luminaria, EP, Italy
Vladimír Citriak, EP, Slovakia
Helena Berzelius, EP, Sweden
Malin Tvedt, EP, Sweden
Apply online now for the EP session #22! Deadline November, 30, 2017.

FEP Cover Picture of October 2017


FEP Cover Picture of October 2017
Eugenio Li Volsi, QEP, Italy


Congratulations to the Wedding "Qualified European Photographer" (QEP) Eugenio Li Volsi, winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the edition of October 2017.

Look at all submitted images at our official page on facebook and enter (or vote) the next round at the end of the month.

QEP and MQEP judging session November 2017: how to apply

qep session

We are proud to announce that our new online system for QEP/MQEP applications is now open ! 

With the new system, from now on, QEP and MQEP pre-registrations will be done online.

The candidates just have to:
1) Log-in into the FEP website (if not done yet, candidates have to register to the website)

2) Click on “QEP application November 2017” or “MQEP application November 2017”


4) UPLOAD THEIR IMAGES into the system. In case of a successful application, these images will appear in the QEP gallery on our website. That means that candidates do not need to send CDs or USB sticks anymore. If the images are not ready at the moment of the registration, candidates can also upload them on a later stage and proceed directly with the last step (payment) 

5) PAY the application online with credit card through the website (Otherwise, the “old system” of wire transfers is still accepted but in this case, candidates has to inform the FEP secretariat by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  )

6) Print out the online application form once it is completed and send it together with the panel.
Then, the panels can be printed on a later stage and they must be on place within November 13 and November 24.  
The judging session itself will be in Rome, 25-26 November 2017. The address is indicated in the online application form. 
The deadline for make the registration online is October 15. Don’t miss it!

Looking forward to receiving your applications! 

For further information: CLICK HERE


Picture by Eugenio Li Volsi, QEP, Italy

Welcome to Mirco Villa, QEP, new president of CNA Comunicazione/Fotografi



Mirco Villa, QEP, Italy


FEP would like to congratulate Mirco Villa, 

who is the new President of the Italian association CNA - Comunicazione/Fotografi.


Welcome in to the FEP family!

Picture by Alessio Villa


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