The Nobel Peace Prize goes to the European Union

October, 12th, 2012


With a very merry heart I heard the news that today, the Nobel Committee in Oslo awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union for peaceful reconciliation after World War, and for spreading democracy and human rights through Europe.

It is a great honor for all European citizens, and it’s emblematic that it happened in a very difficult juncture, with our countries torn apart by an economic crisis that seems to resurrect feelings of anti-Europeanism and temptations to take routes other than that has kept together neighboring countries over the course of 70 years.
A common track which, inter alia, has made possible the birth and growth of an organization like our Federation of European Photographers.
We should all be proud of this award, which certainly does not solve the crisis, economic but also cultural, of so many of our studies from around Europe, but finally, after many bitter pills can cause us to rejoice, though in our small, for the huge tiring work FEP made in the last 15 years, thanks to all men and women and all associations that have made possible the birth, growth and development of our Federation, and still try to give their voluntary enthusiastic contribution to gather, accept, understand each other's different cultures and sensitivity, seeking to promote the highest standards of Professional Photography and to represent the interests of all European Photographers.
Long live Photography, long live FEP, long live Europe!   Giuseppe Scozzi

Shooting on the snow: Workshops with MQEPs Peter Mathis and Pascal Baetens


Sport and landscape + nude and portraits Workshops
in Stuben, Vorarlberg , AUSTRIA
on February, 17-24 , 2013

with the Master QEPs Peter Mathis and Pascal Baetens
coordination by Giuseppe Scozzi, FEP CEO


The idea is a combination of a nice week holiday, skiing and lodging in one of the most beautiful and complete ski area in the Alps (included random off-piste ski for the braves!) with 2 professional photo workshops, held by two Master QEP, which represent the very best in Europe in their photographic specialisations.  

Arrival – Departure: February 17- 24. 2013

The accommodation will be at the Hotel Post or Dependance Albona, Stuben. It will be possible to register for both or just one workshop.

For detailed information go to the "Upcoming Events"  at
Deadlines for registrations: December 9th, 2012 .

A maximum number of 12 participants for each workshop will be accepted. 

The workshops are specially focused for professional purposes and requires some established photographic experience.  

Registration and further information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         

FEP Facebook Cover Picture of October

Ocotber Cover - Dawid Galinski - Poland - Copia


Dawid Galinski, FEP European Students and Young Photographers Silver Camera 2011, from Poland, is the winner of the FEP Facebook Cover Picture of the Month contest. Congratulations!

Next round will open on October, 29th, on our page on Facebook, which just reached 2000 FRIENDS!!!

We finally inform you that we also opened a FEP Group on Facebook: become a member to share pictures and ideas with us!

FEP Cover Picture of the Month Contest/ October


The FEP Cover Picture of the Month Contest (October edition) is open for entries.

Post one or more pictures on our Facebook page. We will move it into a specific album. The picture which will receive the highest number of "I like" within October 5th next will be our "cover picture of the month". Remind that cover images should not be text-based or otherwise violate the copyright of others. We suggest to use horizontal pictures, they fit better as a cover...

Deadline: October, 5th.  Good luck everybody, we look for your creativity!!!

FEP Competitions' News


On September 22nd, in Photokina, Cologne, Germany, Martin Vrabko, Chairman of the Competition announced, in front of an international audience, the name of the winners of the FEP European Fine Art Photograph of the year Award 2011. Actually we had a tie:

Carlos Felipe Ortiz Morel, from Spain and Peter O’Donnell, from Ireland, who achieved exactly the same score, were presented both by Roy Meiklejon, representing the sponsoring company Towergate Camerasure with their certificates and trophies. Their wonderful images reached both the first place.

Third place goes to Peter Eastway, from Australia. Images of the contest and of the ceremony on our Facebook page:



This competition is still open. The deadline for entry has been postponed to October, 15th.

This allow you 2 more weeks to enter your images! You can enter it at:

Winners of each category will be presented with a FEP Golden Camera. The overall winner will be awarded as the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year.

Jørgen Brandt, MQEP, new FEP President






All the FEP members say a very wellcome to his MASTER QEP Jørgen Brandt, from Denmark,

who is the new President of the FEP, the Federation of European Professional Photographers.

His studio is based in Copenhagen.

Should you like to contact him: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also reach him in our QEP and MQEP gallery:

Latest news from Photokina


We inform you that on September, 22nd, in Cologne, Germany, the Federation Of European Professional Photographers celebrated the annual General Assembly. Delegates from 20 member associations attended the meeting. 

Jorgen Brandt, MQEP, former President elect, become PRESIDENT IN OFFICE for the next 2 years.
Past President Neil Warner, MQEP , has been presented with the FEP MERIT AWARD in recognition of the successful work made over the past 5 years running the Federation.
A new Board of Directors has been elected. It will be composed by:
Jorgen Brandt, President
Andreas Barylli
Johan Brouwers
Jean Félix Bernetel
Bernd Gassner
Anna Kaleva
Ivana Matejka
Bent Nygaard Larssen
Marcos Pinto
Malcolm Sales
Adriano Scognamillo
Neil Warner
Positions and responsibilities within the Board will be assigned at the next Board meeting, to be held on December 3rd in Brussels.
The FEP also welcome the membership of two new associations: BPIP from Hungary and CPPA from Cyprus.
The new Board will manage the Federation for the next term of 2 years.
To the new President, to the Board Members and to the new colleagues, a warm welcome and best wishes of a successful work for the EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHERS!



FEP STAND: The FEP will share the Stand with the German Member Association, CV - CentralVerband Deutscher Berufsfotografen, located in the “Professional Area, hall 4.1, I 40” from Tuesday, September 18th to Sunday, September 23rd, 2012.


Thursday, September 20th

Stage Professionals, hall 4.1 , from 03.30 pm to 04.40 pm  IPC/Sophie Smoliar Scholarship International award issued by the IPC, the International Photographic Council, a U.N. organization of which the FEP is member. The winner of the award has been selected by FEP. This will be also the first occasion to present the winner with the new FEP FETA Award. FEP Representative: Bernd Gassner, MQEP, FEP Board Member. Also attending the Chairman of the FETA Award Jim Lowe.

Friday, September 21st

FEP Stand, hall 4.1 I 40 from 05.00 pm to 06.00 pm Taste of Europe FEP will celebrate the "Taste of Europe" drink reception. As already done 2 years ago, and 4 years ago, we ask all delegates to bring to Cologne 1-2 bottles of their favorite and typical national drinks, for an informal celebration with the European colleagues. The responsible and inventor of this event is Nikki Huts.

Saturday, September 22nd

Congress-Center East, Conference Room 3, from 10.00 am to 01.00 pm FEP General Assembly. This year, during the GA, there will be the change between the President in office Neil Warner and the President Elect Jorgen Brandt, and the election of the new FEP Board Members, for the term 2013-2014. In the agenda, there is also scheduled: provisional budget 2012 , new membership applications, new FEP Qualifications and FEP International Days at Gmunden, Austria - April 14th-15th , 2013.

Congress-Center East, Conference Room 3, from 01.00 pm to 01.30 pm Fine Art Competition: Announcement of the Winner. At the end of the GA, at 13.00, there will be the Announcement of the Winner of The FEP Fine Art Photograph of the Year 2011, proudly sponsored by Towergate Camerasure. The first 3 finalists are invited to attend. The event will be coordinated by the Chairman of the Competition Martin Vrabko, MQEP and by a Towergate representative.

Stage Professionals, hall 4.1 , from 03.00 pm to 03.30 pm Fine Art Competition: Public celebration of the winners of the competition and slide show of the winning images During this ceremony all the finalists and winners will be presented with their trophies and certificates. The event will be coordinated by the Chairman of the Competition Martin Vrabko, MQEP and by a Towergate representative.

Download the Photokina Plan

FEP Facebook Cover Picture of September



Patrik Forth,  from Finland, is the winner of the FEP Facebook Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the month of September, with his picture "Ring of Fire".


Next round will open on September, 29th for the contest of October.

Thanks to all the photographers who posted their wonderful pictures.

Visit our FEP Facebook page to see them!


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