QEP and MQEP December 2012 Results

At the 26th session of the FEP European Qualifications 5 new Master QEP and 15 new QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded:


007Rosa prega2retratoOKClementeJimenez012KURT

Bernard Audry, France, Master QEP
Pino Coduti, Italy, Master QEP
José Cruz, Portugal, Master QEP
Clemente Jimenez Santander, Spain, Master QEP
Kurt Vansteelant , Belgium, Master QEP

Sarah Araújo, Portugal, QEP Portrait
Annunziata Borrelli, Italy, QEP Wedding
Ferenc Cegledi, Hungary, QEP Landscape
Rino Cordella, Italy, QEP Wedding
Pal Csillag, Hungary, QEP Theatre Photography
Johan De Gussem, Belgium, QEP Portrait
Daniel Ferreira, Portugal, QEP Wedding
Claude Fougeirol, France, QEP Nude
Petri Olli, Finland, QEP Portrait
Alfonso Lorenzetto, Italy, QEP Wedding
Eduardo Pimenta, Portugal, QEP Wedding
Markus Schmuck, Germany, QEP Sport
Kurt Vansteelant, Belgium, QEP Architecture
Kurt Vansteelant, Belgium, QEP Illustrative
Jos Verhoogen, Belgium, QEP Reportage


Interview with the FEP President Jørgen Brandt





Fotoline, a Pakistan based photographic magazine, published an interview with the FEP President Jørgen Brandt, where he speaks about FEP and about his Photostudio.

In the attached pdf file you can read the interview.

Learn more about Fotoline on www.fotolinemag.com

Very successful Belgian congress!

Malle Groep mail

On November 18 and 19 the Belgian Photographers Association NVB held a very successful congress in Malle. Keynote speakers were well known Master QEP's Filip Santens (B) and Pierre Delaunay (F). Jasper Doest (NL), a fantastic young Dutch nature/wildlife photographer was the revelation of the congress along with Frieke Janssens (B), another young commercial photographer, who showed excellent work of high international level. Dutch strobist photographer Martin Hoogeboom (NL) demonstrated how to make creative portraits using small off camera flashlights. Arial photographer Wim Robberechts (B) proved that he is top Europe, working for the Olympics and many other international sports manifestations. Marketing specialist Geert Dehouck (B) convinced his public to focus on quality rather than on price.

The new President of Confartigianato Fotografi

Maurizio20Besana 0





We inform you that Mr. Maurizio Besana is the new President of the FEP italian association Confartigianato Fotografi.

Welcome in the FEP family!

FEP Facebook Cover Picture of November

Damian Wachoński


After Dawid Galinski, author of the FEP Facebook Cover Picture of October, again a young photographer from Poland is the winner of the contest. 

This month, the winner is Damian Wachoński, and his picture is the FEP Facebook Cover Picture of November, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 

Next round will open on November 28th for the Cover Picture of December.

Discover all the wonderfull images arrived during last months on our Facebook page!

Spain: today starts the FEPFI Professional Photography Contest 2012


17a 18a  The Professional Competition is including Photography and Audiovisual qualifying session ratings, and it is organized by the Spanish Federation of Professional Photography and Image (FEPFI), with the cooperation of the City of Alcobendas (Madrid). The event will take place from 26 to 28 October. 

About the FEPFI: Founded in 1992, the Spanish Federation of Professional Photography and Image (FEPFI) actually gathers over 1,300 photographers and videographers belonging to a total of 26 provincial associations. Since its inception, the Federation has been working for the common interests of this group, with particular attention to the protection of his rights, the establishment of a code of ethics and standards of performance, as well as the permanent technical training towards achieving a higher quality output within the field of photography and video, and to achieve recognition of the work of this professional sector. 

The FEPFI is an active member of the FEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers). For further info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (to the attention of Maria Sáez, communication department).  

23a 28a [In the pictures: FEPFI qualifications 2011]

Should policemen and municipalities employees take ID pictures?


The FEP intend to revive political action, at EU level, with the technical assistance of UEAPME, to defend the role of professional photographers in the field of ID pictures, passport pictures and other official documents, and to ensure that in as many countries as possible the necessary provisions of law will keep this market in the hands of photographers.

To start this action, the FEP need to receive from the member associations some information and an explicit agreement, entrusting the FEP with the task of representing their interests on that specific issue.

Accordingly, FEP invited all member associations to answer some basic questions. Should you be interested, please ask a copy of the questionnaire to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Picture by Carla Portugal, QEP Portrait


The Nobel Peace Prize goes to the European Union

October, 12th, 2012


With a very merry heart I heard the news that today, the Nobel Committee in Oslo awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union for peaceful reconciliation after World War, and for spreading democracy and human rights through Europe.

It is a great honor for all European citizens, and it’s emblematic that it happened in a very difficult juncture, with our countries torn apart by an economic crisis that seems to resurrect feelings of anti-Europeanism and temptations to take routes other than that has kept together neighboring countries over the course of 70 years.
A common track which, inter alia, has made possible the birth and growth of an organization like our Federation of European Photographers.
We should all be proud of this award, which certainly does not solve the crisis, economic but also cultural, of so many of our studies from around Europe, but finally, after many bitter pills can cause us to rejoice, though in our small, for the huge tiring work FEP made in the last 15 years, thanks to all men and women and all associations that have made possible the birth, growth and development of our Federation, and still try to give their voluntary enthusiastic contribution to gather, accept, understand each other's different cultures and sensitivity, seeking to promote the highest standards of Professional Photography and to represent the interests of all European Photographers.
Long live Photography, long live FEP, long live Europe!   Giuseppe Scozzi

Shooting on the snow: Workshops with MQEPs Peter Mathis and Pascal Baetens


Sport and landscape + nude and portraits Workshops
in Stuben, Vorarlberg , AUSTRIA
on February, 17-24 , 2013

with the Master QEPs Peter Mathis and Pascal Baetens
coordination by Giuseppe Scozzi, FEP CEO


The idea is a combination of a nice week holiday, skiing and lodging in one of the most beautiful and complete ski area in the Alps (included random off-piste ski for the braves!) with 2 professional photo workshops, held by two Master QEP, which represent the very best in Europe in their photographic specialisations.  

Arrival – Departure: February 17- 24. 2013

The accommodation will be at the Hotel Post or Dependance Albona, Stuben. It will be possible to register for both or just one workshop.

For detailed information go to the "Upcoming Events"  at  http://www.europeanphotographers.eu/news/events
Deadlines for registrations: December 9th, 2012 .

A maximum number of 12 participants for each workshop will be accepted. 

The workshops are specially focused for professional purposes and requires some established photographic experience.  

Registration and further information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         


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