FEP Book Prize 2017: Official Results

book jury 17

The FEP "BEST BOOK 2017" goes to: "The Life in Tibet", photographer Wang Hui, China.

On Sunday April 2, at the FEP Awards Ceremony, during the FEP Photo Day event, Catania, Italy, the prizes of the biennial FEP Photo Book Prize were announced and awarded.

These were presented by the Photo Book Prize competition’s chairman Adriano Scognamillo.

Here are the official results:

PORTRAIT category: The history of an era, it's icons, contradictions with a touch of nostalgia and great professionalism. The winner is the "Edition Lammerhuber”, from Austria, with the book “In Love With Photography”. Authors of the book are Volker Hinz and Peter Matthias Gaede.
MONOGRAPH category: The book shows a very clear and consistent approach to subject matter, nice sober styling for design. High level of technical stills, without the overly processed approach often seen in urban explorer photography. The winner is “Morren Galleries”, from Netherlands, with the book “Touched by Time”, photographer Daan Oude Elferink.
LANDSCAPE category: These photographs, taken of well-known battlegrounds, capture not only the landscape but the human history that lies in it. The peaceful and beautiful images bear witness of the capacity of the world to survive and repair itself with beauty and grace. The winner is again “Edition Lammerhuber”, from Austria, with the book “Fields of Battle - Lands of Peace, 1914-1918”. The author is Michael St Maur Sheil.
SELF PUBLISHED category: Our highest compliments to a highly skilled artisan, photographer, editor and work photographed. The book produced is exceptional. 
The winner is Pierre Delaunay, from France, with “Atelier du Vitrail Saint-Joseph”. 
SELF PROMOTION category: Nature and sensations, abstraction and reflections lead the observer in our world, old but new, always full of meanings. The winner is photographer Peter Lik, from Las Vegas, USA, with the book “Equation of Time” .

REPORTAGE category: An extraordinary publisher that captures unsung stories and presents them without stereotypes or inhibitions. With 3 books winnings in this category: “White Ebony” (author: Patricia Villocq), “Copacabana Palace” (author: Peter Bauza) and “Bis Zum Horizont/Towards The Horizon” (authors: Emil Gataullin and Peter-Matthias Gaede), the Edition Lammerhuber from Austria wins the title of “Best Publisher 2017” 
SPECIAL MENTION: For his sensitivity and realism in a work that presents the powerful stories of wounded Dutch veterans.
The winner of this special mention is the photographer Dennis Van Lingen, from Netherlands, with  “Wounded Dutch Veterans”.

And finally, the title of the FEP BEST BOOK 2017 goes to: "THE LIFE IN TIBET", photographer Wang Hui. 
A young Chinese man teaches Tibetan boys and captures their daily life with great joy and lightness, writing the captions in his own blood. A unique, impressive work in two volumes that is rich in poetry.

Picture: Meeting of the FEP Book Prize Jury, March 26, Perugia, Italy


FEP Awards Ceremony, broadcast LIVE on facebook


Sunday, April 2, 2017, FEP Photo Days, Palazzo Platamone, Catania, Sicily, Italy

Presentations by Master QEP Photographers:
Gunther Egger, MQEP, Austria
Tiina Haring, MQEP, Finland
Antonio Barrella, MQEP, Italy, FEP Photographer of the Year 2016

the winners of the FEP Photo Book of the Year Awards 2017 and the FEP Golden, Silver and Bronze Cameras will be announced, and we will discover who is the FEP Photographer of the Year 2017! 

The Awards Ceremony will be broadcast live on facebook! 

The video will be kindly offered by QEP Photograher Eugenio Li Volsi and visible on his profile at https://www.facebook.com/eugenio.livolsi?fref=ts

FEP Competition 2017 International Judges


The FEP Photographer of the Year Awards is all about celebrating excellent photography, however, this cannot be achieved without the dedicated work of our excellent judges, who give up their own time to help us accomplish our aim. Not forgetting all those who took the time to submit some amazing images.
In the 2017-edition of the FEP Photographer of the Year Awards, we have had the honour to work with the following Judges:
Marian Benes, QEP, Czech Republic
Jacques Bakker, MQEP, Netherlands
Pierre Delaunay, MQEP, France 
Tiina Haring, MQEP, Finland
Robert Lengua, MQEP, Spain
Eugenio Li Volsi, QEP, Italy
Franz Messenbäck, MQEP, Austria
Rui Teixeira, MQEP, Portugal
Jos Verhoogen, QEP, Belgium
 "I would like to thank you all for your efforts, helping us to celebrate exceptional images and photographers", says Chairman of the FEP Awards Jury, Jørgen Brandt, MQEP.
The winners of this editon of the competition will be announced at the FEP Awards Ceremony, which will be held in the Palazzo Platamone, Catania, Italy, on Sunday April 2, during the FEP Photo Days 2017.

The event, organized in cooperation with Confartigianato Fotografi, CNA Comunicazione and Comune di Catania, will be broadcast live on facebook! Stay tuned!

EP online session n.18, official results

We are happy to announce that 17 professional photographers have been awarded with the EP title at the last EP judging session!
Our congratulations go to:
Michael Böhmländer, Austria
Alois Spandl, Austria
Emanuel Kaser, Austria
Maximilian Habich, Austria
Coralie Cardon, Belgium
Steven Put, Belgium
Karine Hanskens, Belgium
Caroline Monbailliu, Belgium
Bernard Panier, Belgium
Stien Serneels, Belgium
Katie Verkinderen, Belgium
Kaat Van Parys, Belgium
Melody De Laere, Belgium
Daniel Richter, Germany
Alessandro Risuleo, Italy
Marjon Zijlstra, Netherland
Pierluigi Cavarra, Spain
Apply online now for the EP session #19! Deadline April, 30, 2017.

Gmundner Fototage 2017


A fair for all who want to be successful with photography!

The event will take place in Gmunden, Austria on March 24-25 and 26, 2017


FEP Cover Picture of March 2017

3 - March 2017 - Garik Ghazaryan Armenia

FEP Cover Picture of March 2017
Garik Ghazaryan,  Armenia


Congratulations to the Armenian photographer Garik Ghazaryan, winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the edition of March 2017.

Look at all submitted images at our official page on facebook and enter next round!

FEP congratulates with Portuguese association AppImagem!

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FEP congratulates Team Portugal for its second consecutive World Photographic Cup victory

The World Photographic Cup was now organized for the fourth time and its award ceremony was held in Yokohama, Japan on 23 February. This time the competition was very tight between the countries, there were even two ties within the top 10 countries so the top ten actually consisted of 11 countries.

Portugal successfully defended its victory from last year and overall World Photographic Cup’s 2017 edition was a good year for European teams since among the 11 top countries 8 of them were European: Portugal, Russia, Norway, Austria, Spain, UK, Germany and Slovakia.

Click HERE: you can see the video of the homecoming of the champions with Team Captain Rui Teixeira holding the Cup. It is truly the arrival of Champions!

(Thanks to Ricardo Teixeira for sharing video and pictures)

Congratulations once more to all participating teams and in particular to Team Portugal!

FEP Photographer of the Year Awards 2017: Finalists announced


FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2017, finalists announcement
We are now happy to publish the names, in alphabetic order, of the finalists of the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2017.
This competition reached a record number of almost 2000 pictures this year, coming from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and UK. 
Each category has 10 finalists and, between them, the "TOP 3" will be the winners and they will get their Bronze, Silver and Golden Cameras. The Golden Cameras will also compete for the competition "overall winner" who will be awarded as the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2017.

Finalists (from 4th place to 10th place) will receive their certitificates and the winners will be awarded with their trophies at the FEP Awards Ceremony which will be held on Sunday, April 2, at the Palazzo Platamone, Catania, Italy.
TOP 10
Christian Boontjes, Netherland
Günther Egger, Austria 
Antti Karppinen, Finland
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Steven Massart, Belgium
Donal Murphy, Ireland
Gerry O'Leary, Ireland
Reginald Tackoen, Belgium
Peter Verplancke, Belgium
Blaž Zupančič, Slovenia
Fernando Branquinho, Portugal
Günther Egger, Austria
Frøydis Geithus, Norway
Linda Leitner, Austria
Edgar Raphael, Portugal
Malou Reedorf, Denmark 
Xanti Rodriguez, Spain
Michael Schnabl, Austria
Reginald Tackoen, Belgium
Natasha Volk, Ukraine 
Therese Asplund, Sweden
Peter Cakovsky, Slovakia 
Mikaela Holmberg, Finland 
Antti Karppinen, Finland
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Petteri Löppönen, Finland
Jose Manuel Ortega Romero, Spain 
Xanti Rodriguez, Spain
Serge Strelnikoff, Russia
Michal Zahornacky, Slovakia
Michael Böhmländer, Austria
Stefan Brenner, Austria
Tom D. Jones, Belgium
Sonja Jordan, Austria
Levani Levanidze, Georgia
Torsten Muehlbacher, Austria
Steven Put, Belgium
Irakli Shavgulidze, Georgia
Peter Svoboda, Slovakia 
Markus van Hauten, Germany
Vicente Esteban, Spain
Mikaela Holmberg, Finland
Terri Lindholm, Sweden 
Guido Pelgrim, Netherland
Natalia Pipkina, Norway
Suvi Roiko, Finland
Igor Sakharov, Russia
Suvi Sievilä, Finland
Vesa Tyni, Finland
Juhamatti Vahdersalo, Finland
Martin Balaz, Slovakia
Rui Caria, Portugal
Roberto Colacioppo, Italy
Antonio Gibotta, Italy
Jesus Jimenez, Spain
Rastislav Margus, Czech Republic
William Moureaux, France
Marcos Rodríguez, Spain
Markus Schmuck, Germany
Gio Versyck, Belgium
Therese Asplund, Sweden 
Christian Boontjes, Netherland
Matthias Hangst, Germany
Simon Hausberger, Austria
Stefan Kothner, Austria 
Herbert Kratky, Austria
Andre Schönherr, Austria
Alois Spandl, Austria 
David Tett, UK
Heleen Vink, Netherland
Iuri Akopov, Georgia
David Anton, Germany
Nevzat Basaran, Denmark
Thibault Chappe, France
Pavol Delej, Slovakia
Frøydis Geithus, Norway
Jose Luis Guardia Peinado, Spain
Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez, Spain
Antonio Martin, Spain
Carlos Felipe Ortiz, Spain
Patrik Bartuska, Czech Republic
Stefan Brenner, Austria
Ann Coppens, Belgium
Michael Finn, Ireland
Tom D. Jones, Belgium
Rastislav Margus, Czech Republic
Karel Mus, Belgium
Seppo Rintala, Finland 
Michael Schnabl, Austria
Søren Sviland, Norway
Hiep Duong Chi, Czech Republic
Don Raça, Kosovo
Luis Rüsing, Germany
Laura Wallkötter, Germany
These photographers, "top 10" in each category, will receive a specific invitation for the Awards Ceremony. 

All the other photographers who got single awards, but who are not within the top 10, will receive their certificates after the event and their award will be published online.
Learn more about the FEP Photo Days, download the program and don't miss the chance to attend the whole event: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WPC 2017 … Portugal strikes again!

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Yokohama, Japan, February 23th, 2017

The World Photographic Cup 2017 winners announced

After winning  the cup at home in 2016 …. the winner of the 2017 World Photographic Cup, with a total of 34 points ... is Team Portugal  again !

The second place goes to United States of America, with Russia in the third place.

Individual gold medals go to Russia, Finland, Mexico, Slovakia, United Kingdom and Singapore.

Individual winners and the Cup winning Team of the 2017 World Photographic Cup (WPC), sponsored by the FEP – Federation of European Professional Photographers, PPA – Professional Photographers of America, the UAPP – United Asian Professional Photography and the AIPP – Australian Institute of Professional Photography, has been  finally announced on February 23rd  at the WPC 2017 PHOTO SHOW in Japan (Yokohama, Grand Intercontinental Hotel) organized in cooperation with the PPJ, Professional Photographers of Japan Association.

26 national photographic teams entered the fourth edition of this unique, one of a kind Olympics-styled competition, from Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America and Oceania.

The Golden medals in the six categories went to:
Dušan Holovej, Slovakia, for Commercial category
Antti Karppinen, Finland,  for Illustrative category
Pepe Soho, Mexico, for Nature (Landscape and wildlife)
Eelena Malysheva, Russia, for Portrait category
Goh Wee Seng, Singapore, for Reportage/Photo Journalism 
Lee Howell, United Kingdom, for Wedding
Also appears in the medals table: Amber Griffin (New Zealand), Silver Medal and Michelle Trull (Team USA) Bronze Medal for commercial. Uli Staiger (Team Germany), Silver medal and José Almeida (Portugal) Bronze Medal in Illustrative; Andreas Kalvig Anderson (Norway), Silver Medal, and Ann Coppens (Belgium), Bronze Medal for Nature; Christopher Ian (Australia), Silver Medal and Nikki Harrison (Canada), Bronze Medal for Portrait; Vincenzo Tessarin (Italy), Silver Medal and Oldřich Bubák (Czech Republic) Bronze Medal in Reportage/Photojournalism; and finally Andreas Zopf (Austria), Silver Medal and Terese Samuelsen (Norway), Bronze Medal in Wedding.

While gold, silver, and bronze medals have been awarded to the individual creators in each category, teams were awarded points for top ten finishes. They received 10 points for gold, 9 for silver, 8 bronze and that follows to the tenth top image. The top ten positions were decided literally on decimal points which suggests a very, very tight competition.

Slovakia team finished the competition in 10th place, tied with China. Germany got the 9th place, and United Kingdom the 8th place. They finished in a two-way tie in 6th place Mexico and Spain. All alone in an amazing 5th place, Austria. In the 4th place, just close to the podium, Norway (the only team who got 2 medals). 

The third place trophy, with 1 golden medal and 3 top-ten finishes, 25 points, went to Team Russia, once again on the podium. The second place trophy, with 1 medal and 3 top-ten finishes, 27 points, went to Team USA (another amazing result for the 2014 and 2015 WPC winner!). 

And the winner of the 2017 World Photographic Cup, with 1 medal and 7 top-ten finishes, 34 points, was Team Portugal.

Team 1st place-Portugal

“Congratulations to Team Portugal for winning the WPC two times in a row, and all the winners. An incredibly close competition, with a huge variety of winners, from 4 continents, is exactly what the WPC committee could hope for”,
commented the Chairman of  WPC Judging Committee Jorgen Brandt, “It has been amazing to see so many beautiful images coming from around the globe, and really difficult to judge them!”

“It’s a unique feeling coming out from a unique competition” –  added Giuseppe Scozzi, WPC Chief Executive. “Representing their homeland at any level is an amazing opportunity and there has never been a program that involves photography like this. Now we have it in the World Photographic Cup. We really experienced  the groundswell of enthusiasm from photographers to create the finest they can in the hope of representing their country!”

The WPC CEO also thanked the Professional Photographers of Japan Association for having organized such a beautiful event, and announced that the next hosting country will be Australia in 2018.

He finally thanked the important companies related to the photographic market (CHROMALUXE, KOYLAB, COMET Corporation, HOKUSHIN and PHOTO CREATE) for their support to the project and to the professional photographers around the globe.

More information and winning pictures available soon at www.worldphotographiccup.org



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