FEP Video Qualifications 2016 - Official results


Congratulations to our new QEVs and EVs!

At the second FEP video qualifications judging session, held in Segovia, Spain, on November 1st, 2016, 10 QEV (Qualified European Videographers) and 5 EV (European Videographers) have been awarded!
Congratulations to (alphabetic order):
Freddy David Barreira Filipe, Portugal, QEV Social Reportage
Nelson Coelho, Portugal, QEV Commercial 
Márcio da Costa Cortez, Portugal, QEV Commercial 
José Antonio de los Dolores Barrios, Spain, QEV Drawing and Documentary
Marco del pino Munoz, Spain, QEV Social Reportage
Orlando do Castro Fernandes, Portugal, QEV Social Reportage
Daniel Ferreira, Portugal, QEV Social Reportage
Gabriel Martos Moya, Spain, QEV Commercial
Diogo Emanuel Pereira de Sampaio, Portugal, QEV Social Reportage
André Manuel Soares Gomes, Portugal, QEV Social Reportage
Manuel Girol Gutierrez, EV, Spain
Andrey Guryanov, EV, Russia
Miguel Angel Latorre Justicia, EV, Spain
Juan Manuel Lorite Mahillo, EV, Spain
Tomás Cristóbal Rodríguez, EV, Spain
Thanks to the EV/QEV Chairman of the Jury, Neil Warner, the QEV judges for their precious work, the hosting association FEPFI, the FEP CEO Giuseppe Scozzi and all the supporting team!

FETA Award 2016, first results

THE FEP “FETA” AWARD 2016. We know those who earned merits. And the winner is…?

The FEP Emerging Talent Award 2016, organised in co-operation with several scholastic institutes around Europe, and limited to the best young, meritorious students, has now been judged and we finally have the official results.
The international judging panel, composed of Jean-Félix Bernetel (France), Jørgen Brandt (Denmark), and Martin Vrabko (Slovakia) and chaired by Jim Lowe (UK), assigned merits to (In alphabetic order): 

Linnea Ernofsson, Falmouth University, United Kingdom
Priscilla Pallante, IED – Istituto Europeo del Design, Rome, Italy
Gina Reinholz, Bildungszentrum, Handwerkskammer, Dortmund, Germany
Martin Vocadlo, Faculty of Art and Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic 
Laura Wallkötter, Bildungszentrum, Handwerkskammer, Dortmund, Germany
Amongst them, there is the winner!  

The winner will be announced in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Sunday, November 20th at 6.00 pm. The event will be held in the photographic Institute “Fotovakschool”, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, 1017 DE Amsterdam. 
The FETA award winner, will also receive the prestigious Kunio Yatomi Scholarship Award, issued by the IPC – the International Photographic Council and presented by Tor Weatherstone, IPC, Vice President.  

EP online session n. 16, official results

EPWe are happy to announce that 18 professional photographers have been awarded with the EP title at the last EP judging session!

Our congratulations go to:

Georg Katstaller, EP, Austria
Cecile Quenum, EP, Belgium
Koen Henderickx, EP, Belgium
Laura Bierens, EP, Belgium
Johan Luykx, EP, Belgium
André Thys, EP, Belgium
Dominique Pirnay, EP, Belgium
Marieke Vanhulle, EP, Belgium
Rastislav Margus, EP, Czech Republic
Jukka Vähälummukka, EP, Finland
Alessandro Ficano, EP, Italy
Christian Boontjes, EP, Netherlands
Willem van der Vlies, EP, Netherlands
Philipp Blokhin, EP, Russia
Miqo Cash, EP, Slovakia
Terese Brandwold, EP, Sweden
Malin Lundgren, EP, Sweden
Stefan Tschumi, EP, Switzerland
Apply online now for the EP session #17! Deadline November 30.

Lens op de mens, Overpelt, Belgium

Lens od Mens logo 375px

Next summer 2017 the Cultural Centre Palethe in Overpelt (Belgium) will organize the first edition of a two-yearly international photo festival ‘Lens op de mens’ (Spotlight on people). 
The Belgian association of professional photographers Nationale Vereniging van Beroepsfotografen is an official partner of this event. All professional and keen amateur photographers from around the world are welcome in Overpelt to show their most photogenic work to a large public. For this 2017 edition the subject is the human portrait and the President of the International Jury will be FEP Board Member Johan Brouwers, QEP.
The FEP and the NVB are happy to invite all of you to participate at this exhibition. There are some awards up for grabs. If your photos are selected for the festival, you are automatically entered to win one of these awards. So, who knows? Maybe your photos will be exhibited in the streets of Overpelt for a whole summer next year!


More on http://www.fotofestivaloverpelt.be/

NVB Logo LongText 200px

Jean-Félix Bernetel, President of GNPP

Jean-Félix Bernetel, re-elected President of GNPP


We are happy to annonce that our Vice-President, Board Member and QEP Jean-Félix Bernetel has been re-elected for a second time as President of the French FEP member association GNPP - Groupement National de la Photographie Professionnelle.

Congratulations Jean-Félix!

FEP Cover Picture of October 2016

October 2016 - Andrey Balabasov


The winner of this month is Andrey Balabasov, QEP from Germany

Next round: at the end of October, for the cover picture of November
Follow us on our official page on facebook to see all the submitted pictures and to enter the contest!

FEP photo and video qualifications

qep photo

European Photographers and Videographers!

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS - The next QEP and MQEP judging session will be in Amsterdam next November, 19-20. Pictures must be on site within November 17. However, if you want to apply, the time for sending your pre-registration (the application form) is now:  this year the DEADLINE for PRE-REGISTRATIONS is OCTOBER 15! HURRY UP and do not lose the chance to be awarded with the well known and highest European Titles, only for FEP members! APPLY NOW! 
PROFESSIONAL VIDEOGRAPHERS -  The FEP is working for you too. We launched in 2015 a new set of qualification only for professionals who work in the videography industry, to give them  the EV – European Videographer title and the QEV – Qualified European Videographer title. At the first judging session last November, the FEP awarded 8 EV and 15 QEV. The SECOND VIDEO QUALIFICATION SESSION will be in Segovia, Spain, on November 1-2, 2016. Checkout: DEADLINE TO REGISTER: OCTOBER 15! Don’t let it expire! APPLY NOW! 
Full rules and regulations for photo and video qualification are available at the FEP website HERE 
Picture by Eugenio Li Volsi, QEP, Italy

The FEP booth at photokina

2016 0922 10362500

Thanks for all the people who came and visited us in photokina.
Visit our page on facebook to see all the pictures of the stand!
Picture of the booth: Johan Brouwers, QEP, Belgium

QEP and MQEP Qualifications 2017

FEP is happy to inform you that we can already announce and confirm the dates and the venues of the next QEP and MASTER QEP judging sessions for the year 2017!

They are, in the order:

- July 8-9, 2017, Falmouth, United Kingdom

- November 25-26, Tbilisi, Georgia


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