QEV Rules and Regulations

Video Qualifications for the Federation of European Photographers

The FEP European Video qualification, just as the still images, will be assigned to the authors, not the works. The Creative control of the works must have been in the hands of the entering videographer although others may have been assisting in the production.


A Europe-wide qualification in professional excellence

The Qualified European Videographer (QEV) qualification aims to recognise and reward excellence in European Professional Videographers.

Eligibility for QEV Qualification

To be eligible to apply for a QEV Certificate, the candidate:

  • must earn a living as a videographer. The QEV Certificates are only available to those who are authors of the original works.

  • must be a member of a national professional photographers association. The national association must be a member of the Federation of European Professional Photographers, unless otherwise agreed by the relevant FEP member associations. Application by non members can be accepted providing they are professional videographers legally registered and resident in European countries where there are not FEP member national associations to represent them.

  • may be self-employed or an employee.

  • must have operated as a professional videographer for at least one consecutive year.

  • must fulfil the necessary requirements in technical skills and achieve an acknowledged standard (determined by the FEP) necessary to uphold a professional status.

  • must satisfy the requirements for professional practice skill, which will be assessed by the FEP member national association.

  • must accept the FEP European Code of Professional Conduct.

Submission of works

The candidate must submit his works inside a USB key or a DVD. It must contain 5 VIDEOS without any mark that can identify with the author. Submitted videos must be all pertaining to the same category. Categories are: social reportage; drawing and documentary feature; commercial and industrial; free creation.

Social reportage (max. 5 min.) 
Drawing and documentary feature (max. 10 min.) 
Commercial and industrial (max. 5 min.) . 
Free creation (max. 10 min.)


Registration and sending of the entries will be on line, but at the beginning judges may be asked for physical judging sessions. In case of online judging, they will be asked to synchronize the judging time, so that a discussion in case of split decision can get made. there will be 5 judges. They will be asked to score each single work (which will appear again in a random order) with a score from 1 up to 5 points, with a maximum total possible score of 25 points per candidate. The candidate will be claimed successful with an average score of 15 points or above.

Technical and format:

Each work is presented in a USB key or a DVD, without any mark that can identify with the author. Each DVD must be presented in a standardized black or translucent plastic case, 192 x 138 x 15 millimetres. You can make use of the following formats: 1080p or 4K

  • For works in SD, a DVD will be sent.  

  • For those with HD format, will send out an mp4 file

How to apply:

Fill the application form and send it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to your relevant association. Then print a copy, sign it and send it together with the videos to the address indicated on it.

Download the QEV application form