MQEP : Master Qualified European Photographer

Our most distinguished award for outstanding photographers

The Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP) Certificate is reserved for the best QEP holders. To date 80 Top European Photographers have received a Master degree for their supreme quality. Apply for the highest European qualification to enter the crème!


Member Benefits

To be a MQEP will grant you international prestige and a huge professional recognition. Earning a MQEP award will win you a certificate of supreme quality excellence, a useful personal profile on our Online MQEP Photographers pages as well as access to special offers, services and information via the website.

 Free Competition Entries

MQEP Photographers also get a number of free entries to our FEP Europena Professional Photographer of the Year Awards

Competition Information



Printed sets of 20 images are judged by a panel of 7 international experts twice a year, with the successful results being published online and in print soon afterwards.

Judging Session Schedule

The Rules

To apply to be a MASTER QEP you need to be a QEP holder and a member of an FEP Member Association. 

Full set of rules & regulations

How to Apply

From November 2017, applications will be done online through FEP website. Then, the candidates have to arrange transportation of prints to the next judging session.

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